July 28, 29 & 30th Online Sessions


The Heart is the Home of the Human Spirit

Self-Development is primary to people of all belief systems, whether religious, philosophical or humanitarian.

Experience a pure connection to your spiritual nature in Heart-Centered Meditation. In full respect a connection to the Heart is made, different than mind-directed visualizations, intentions or mantras.

A series of weekly meditations with Mary White is offered in July to acquaint people new to Heart-Centered Meditation and those already familiar to practice a continued connection to the Heart.

July Online Meditation Series

Tuesday Morning, July 28th @ 9:00am EASTERN STANDARD TIME (EST)*
Wednesday Morning, July 29th @ 9:00am EASTERN STANDARD TIME (EST)*
Thursday Morning, July 30th @ 9:00am EASTERN STANDARD TIME (EST)*

*Please be sure to account for Time Zone differences

  • Interactive HCM Basics Online Workshops for those new to Heart-Centered Meditation and HCM Online Workshops
  • 2+ years of experience required, all groups limited in size.

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